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How To Hard Reset Nokia E63 Phone

October 31st, 2013 Nokia Hard Reset

How to Master Reset a Nokia E63 Hard Reset Nokia E63 Nokia Hard Reset

Method 1

in order to hard reset your Nokia E63 on your phone you type in *#7370#.  This will then ask for a master reset code.  By default the master reset code is 12345, unless it has been erased.


Method 2:

type in *#7780# on your phone and then enter your Nokia master reset code, by default the Nokia E63 master reset or Nokia E63 hard reset code is 12345.

If  you have forgetton The Lockcode and if the Default Lockcode is not working Try

Method 3 : 

press green dial key, 3 and * at a same time when switching on the phone for hard reset in case of forgotten security code


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